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The Excutive Division is comprised of the Sheriff and his administrative staff. This includes Public Information, Internal Affairs, IT, as well as the Human Resources, Finance, Tax, Civil and Bonds, and Fines Departments.


The Corrections Division is comprised of the Detention Facilities and all that comes with the care, custody, and control of over 1,100 offenders. This includes DC-1, DC-2, DC-3, and the Transitional Work Program.

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division investigates crimes such as homicides, burglaries, thefts, crimes against persons and other property crimes. This section is also in charge of Juvenile Investigations, Sex Offender Registry, and Cybercrimes Units as well as the Crime Scene Unit which assists in gathering and processing evidence at crime scenes.

Metro Narcotics

Metro Division is comprised of street level narcotics interdiction as well as a long term investigations element.

Support Services

Support Services Division is comprised of the Training Section and Firearms, Special Operations/Search and Rescue, SWAT and Fleet and Property Maintenance.


The Uniform Division is comprised of all the Patrol Division, Animal Control, Communications, School Resource Officers, DARE, Courthouse/Court Security, England Airpark and Airport Security, and all 6 Sheriffs stations in the parish.